Malformity Labs Partner Addition: Hyas Inc.

We are excited to officially announce our next Malformity Labs partner today, Hyas Inc.! Hyas specializes in providing information about domains (to include whois data), IP addresses, and malware callback information. Their current platform, Comox, provides users a web based interface to query this data, gain access to provided data feeds, and set up whois alerting (and new features are being added frequently!). For the users that want to explore data visually, or fuse the data with other sources, the Maltego transforms provide the ability to do so. Any Comox account is also granted transform access as part of their service.

At Malformity Labs, we are dedicated to providing valuable integrations for analysts and researchers. Based upon our use and testing, we are confident that Hyas falls in to that category. We have additional partners queued up for the rest of 2015, but getting suggestions or contacts directly from customers is always a plus! Interested in what other data sets we provide access to? Check out our current list of partners.

Now go forth and stop some evil.